Trial Transcripts


United States District Court


Southeastern Division


CR NO. C77-3003





Volume 01 (Pages 1-54)

Opening Statements


Government's Case

Volume 02 (Pages 55-299)

Witness:  Gary Adams


Volume 03 (Pages 300-520)

Witnesses:  Garry Adams (Cont'd); Steve Weston; Lawrence Doley White Eyes; Leonard W. Schumacher; Michael Rooks; Robert A. Bunch; & Horace Heafner


Volume 04 (Pages 521-702)

Witnesses:  Dr. Robert Bloemendaal; Dr. Thomas T. Noguchi & Robert Dale Ecoffey


Volume 05 (Pages 703-959)

Witnesses:  Robert Dale Ecoffey (Cont'd); Michael Erwin Anderson; Donald Van Pelt; Charles W. Stall, Jr.; Robin Montgomery & Michael Byrne


Volume 06 (Pages 960-1208)

Witnesses:  Wilfred Draper; Frederick Coward, Jr.; Michael T. Dyer; & David J. Coppinger


Volume 07 (Pages 1209-1446)

Witnesses:  Frederick Coward, Jr., (Recalled) & Norman Brown


Volume 08 (Pages 1447-1689)

Witnesses:  Norman Brown (Cont'd); Dru McCullum & Ann M. Johnson


Volume 09 (Pages 1690-1934)

Witnesses:  Cortlandt Cunningham; Eugene Strain & Gerard P. Waring


Volume 10 (Pages 1935-2161)

Witnesses:  Gerard P. Waring (Cont'd) & Michael Gammage


Volume 11 (Pages 2162-2396)

Witnesses:  Michael Gammage (Cont'd); Ken Griffiths; Clayton Kramer; Marie Elsie Wrinkle; Steven Barker; Eldon Olson & William Porter Zeller


Volume 12 (Pages 2397-2607)

Witnesses:  Ed Hanson; David A. Milam; Steven L. Hancock; Gerald James Young; Eugene Mulholland, Jr.; Gregory J. Hoeschen; Thomas Duffin & Max Marr.


Volume 13 (Pages 2608-2829)

Witnesses:  Angie Long Visitor; Dale Robert Parlane; Edward William John Mitchell; David Golden Doll & Gerald Edward Plastow


Volume 14 (Pages 2830-3042)

Witnesses:  Dean Howard Hughes; Gerald L. Douglas & Winthrop Dale Lodge


Volume 15 (Pages 3043-3241)

Witnesses:  Winthrop Dale Lodge (Cont'd) & Evan Hodge


Volume 16 (Pages 3242-3457)

Witnesses:  Evan Hodge (Cont'd) & Corporal R.C. Tweedy


The Defense

Volume 17 (Pages 3458-3712)

Witnesses:  Jean Day; Francis He Crow; Albert Trimble & Marvin Stoldt


Volume 18 (Pages 3713-3928)

Witnesses:  Marvin Stoldt (Cont'd); Jimmy Eagle; Wayne Curry; James R. Hall; Jimmy Durham; Bambi Sanchez; Stanley Doremus; Jim James; Kevin McKiernan; Jean Day (Recalled); Russell Loud Hawk; Della Starr & Ethel Merrival


Volume 19 (Pages 3929-4196)

Witnesses:  Jimmy Eagle (Recalled); Frederick Coward, Jr., (Recalled); Marvin Bragg; Marion High Bull; Jeanette Tall Man; Theodore Poor Bear; Elaine Poor Bear & Harold C. Warren


Volume 20 (Pages 4197-4445)

Witnesses:  William Muldrow; Frederick Coward, Jr., (Recalled); Olen Victor Harvey; James Doyle; Ramona Bennett; Edward A. Skelly, Jr., & William B. Wood


Volume 21 (Pages 4446-4679)

Witnesses:  Norman Zigrossi; Robert Dale Ecoffey (Recalled); David F. Price; Madonna Slow Bear & Myrtle Poor Bear


Volume 22 (Pages 4680-4878)

Witnesses:  Lieutenant James A. Forney; Myrtle Poor Bear (Recalled); Norman Brown (Recalled) & Bruce Dalton


Taking of Evidence Ends

Volume 22 (Supplement, Pages 4879-4947)


Volume 23 (Pages 4948-5168)



Volume 24 (Pages 5169-5265)


Volume 25 (Pages 5266-5285)

Verdict (Jury Instructions)



Volume 26 (CR NO. C77-3003-01, Pages 1-14)

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Peter Matthiessen

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Meticulously researched, this courageous book is the definitive work on the Peltier case. The author successfully defended against lawsuits brought in three different states, surviving an eight-year litigation designed to block the book's publication.

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Foreword by William Kunstler. A well-documented and researched study, this book examines the orchestration by the federal government of the wrongful conviction of Native American activist Leonard Peltier.

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We the People

We the People have read your Constitution, Mr. Obama.  We also are aware of the clemency application review process (28 C.F.R. Part I, §§ 1.1-1.11) and know that these guidelines do not bind the President. Congress and the Department of Justice (DOJ) cannot regulate or otherwise limit the presidential clemency power. The authority to grant clemency to federal prisoners belongs only to the President of the United States (under Article II, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution). You have the power to grant clemency to anyone, for any reason, and at any time.